FFL Transfer Questions.

What is an FFL Transfer ?

FFL or Federal Firearms Licenses, is a Licenses by the ATF on a Federal Level for anyone involved in the sales, manufacturing, wholesale or anything firearms related for profit.

FFL Transfer is a change in the possession of the firearm from one person to another or one FFL Dealer to another FFL Dealer.

When selling a firearm to a customer, Federal Background checks are required, and a ATF Form 4473 must be completed along with other requirements when conducting the transfer.

Some States prohibit the private sales and or sales across State lines (check with your State about these Laws). Therefore an FFL Dealer will be needed to facilitate the necessary paperwork required for the transfer between parties or State lines.

FFL Transfer Fees ?

FFL Transfer fees can differentiate from one Dealer to another, the cost is up to the Gun Store themselves. Most often times then not, the Background Check Fee is not included with the Transfer Fee.

Background Check Fees vary from State to State, so check your States Local law regarding fees for Background Checks.

Here at All Pro Guns & Ammo our Transfer Fees include the State of Florida Background Check fee already, so no extra hidden fees or surprises.

How to Transfer a Firearm ?

You would need to have a Gun Store in mind that you would want to initiate the FFL Transfer with.

Some Gun Stores require that you let them know of incoming transfer and others do not. Check with your Gun Store of choice when starting the FFL Transfer.

Once you have the firearm you wish to have, you purchase it and begin the FFL Transfer process. You select (if able to select another store at time of checkout) or notify the store you purchased the firearm from, of your intent to transfer to another store.

When starting the FFL Transfer from one store to another, all your information will be documented with that firearm. So once received by the Gun Store of your choice, you will be notified of its arrival and the next steps in the process to obtain your firearm.

Transfer Wait Times ?

Transfer wait times occur when the State requires it after purchasing of any firearm. Check your States Local Laws pertaining to Firearm Wait Times.

Currently Florida has a 3 day mandatory waiting period following the purchase of any Firearm. This excludes weekends and legal holidays.

If you have a Concealed Carry Permit, you will be able to take home your firearm that day, after completing the ATF 4473 and all necessary paperwork.

Check all of your State and Local Laws pertaining to you when trying to conduct an FFL Transfer. It is also up to you to know Gun Laws in your State.

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