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About Us

Our Mission

providing high-quality products and services with expert knowledge

As a certified flight paramedic, All Pro Guns owner Eric Collado understands how to treat people with dignity, respect, and personal care. His drive for personalized care is the heartbeat of our company. Taking care of customers and providing high-quality products and services with expert knowledge is our mission. We understand and remember what it was like to be a beginning gun enthusiast and how intimidating it can be to certain customer demographics to walk into a gun store. We specialize in helping customers at their specific knowledge level by providing personalized service. We treat every transfer and transaction like we are the customer because we are custodians of Second Amendment rights. We want gun ownership to be fun, safe, legal, and informed.

We have years of experience as consumers, enthusiasts, and professionals with just about every make and model, ammo, and accessories including extensive range time, gunsmithing, building firearms, personal instruction, loading, and reloading. All Pro Guns is the culmination of years of training, gunsmithing, building firearms, personal instruction, loading and reloading.

FFL Transfers

We offer FFL (Federal Firearms Licenses via the ATF) on Federal level for anyone involved in the sales, manufacturing, wholesale or anything firearms related for profit.


NFA Class 3 Items

All Pro Guns is a Type 07 FFL and type 02 SOT. We partnered with Silencer Shop and they handle all NFA paperwork which allows you peace of mind.


Special Orders

At All Pro Guns we can create custom rifles or suppressors for your needs. Whether it is 3-15 baffles and .224 to .500 caliber we can create custom designs to fit your needs.