June 10, 20195.00pm-9.00pm3-4 hours
Gun Rentals AvailableAge: 18 & older

Concealed Weapons class taught by a certified NRA instructor

Classes are held every month on Sundays, please book below and choose a Sunday you wish to attend. Class sizes range from 1 to 10 students.

A concealed weapons class is a course that is designed to teach individuals about the laws, responsibilities, and skills necessary to carry a concealed weapon. These classes typically cover topics such as gun safety, self-defense tactics, and the legal considerations of carrying a concealed weapon. In some states, a concealed weapons class is a requirement for obtaining a concealed carry permit, which allows an individual to legally carry a concealed weapon in public.

During a concealed weapons class, students will have the opportunity to learn from a certified instructor who has extensive knowledge and experience in the subject. They will also have the chance to practice their shooting skills on a range under the guidance of the instructor. By taking a concealed weapons class, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills needed to safely and legally carry a concealed weapon and be prepared to use it in self-defense situations. Classes are subject to change due to weather, no refunds are allowed. However, classes can be rescheduled.

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Our Instructors

Alchil has been in Law enforcement for over 15 years. He has served as a security officer as well as worked in executive protection. Within these 15+ years, he has had extensive training with FBI agents, the Sheriff’s Department, and Air Marshall. Within those years he started to grow a passion to teach others how to safely handle firearms. He is now an NRA instructor and is looking forward to teaching and sharing his knowledge on gun safety with all who are willing.