February 5, 20233-4 hours
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Private Firearm Course taught by a certified NRA instructor

Classes are held every month on Sundays, please book below and choose a Sunday you wish to attend. Class sizes range from 1 to 10 students.

A private firearm class is a personalized training session that is conducted one-on-one or with a small group of individuals. These classes are typically tailored to the specific needs and goals of the students and can cover a wide range of topics, including basic firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, self-defense tactics, and advanced shooting techniques.

Private firearm classes are a great option for individuals who want to receive more personalized instruction and attention from a certified instructor. These classes allow students to ask questions, receive feedback, and receive guidance at their own pace. Private firearm classes are also a good option for individuals who may feel more comfortable learning in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Private firearm classes can be a valuable resource for individuals who are new to firearms or for those who want to improve their shooting skills. They offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to learning about firearms and can help individuals develop the knowledge and skills needed to safely and effectively handle and operate a firearm.

Classes are subject to change due to weather, no refunds are allowed. However, classes can be rescheduled.  

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Our Instructors

Alchil has been in Law enforcement for over 15 years. He has served as a security officer as well as worked in executive protection. Within these 15+ years, he has had extensive training with FBI agents, the Sheriff’s Department, and Air Marshall. Within those years he started to grow a passion to teach others how to safely handle firearms. He is now an NRA instructor and is looking forward to teaching and sharing his knowledge on gun safety with all who are willing.