All Pro Guns & Ammo Gunsmithing Services

Here at All Pro Guns & Ammo we offer a variety of Gunsmithing services

GunSmithing Services

-Barrel Threading 

-Cut & Crown Barrel

-Crown Barrel Only

-Barrel Fluting

– Bolt Fluting

-Drill & Tap for Scope Mount

– Scope Mounting 


-Machine/ cut dovetail

-Install dovetail 

-Install Mid-Rib Bead

-Trigger (installation or adjustment)

-Check headspace 

-Install Recoil Pad

-Install adjustable pad plate

-Install recoil reducer 

Don’t see the service you need listed above ? Need something a bit more custom ? Custom build ? Email us at [email protected] or call us.

Parts & Test Ammunition billed additionally, Minimum $35.00 shop charge.

Cleaning and Inspection

-Semi-Auto Pistol 


-Bolt-Action rifle/ shotgun

-Semi-auto Rifles/ shotgun

-Over/ Under or Slide/ Side

-Lever Action


HK Vp9 with custom RMR cut for Viper Vortex Optic, Custom front slide cut, Suppressor Height Trijicon Tridium night sights, Gold TIN Coated barrel, with black Cerakote finish.  

Frame Design's and Modifications

Frame Type

We offer Gunsmithing/ Polymer Design to name a few on



-Smith & Wesson



-AR Pistol grips

And much much more, if you want it custom we got you covered !

Patterns Offered 



-Shark tooth

-Mad Iguana

Border Layout/ Style

Layouts that we offer

-Low Border Layout

-High Border Layout

-Trace Mag Release 

Styles that we offer

-Recessed gap borders

-Recessed border no gap

-Non-recessed border

Free Mods

-Single undercut 

-Remove finger grooves

-Thumb/ index points

Extra Mods

-Double undercut

-Thumb/ index ledges

-Recessed texture pad

-Mag well border

-Polished Mag well

-Hybird bevel

-Glove bevel

-Mag release bevel

-19x Nub delete

-Blended beavertail

-Rush orders

-Magazine extensions



To have custom Frame work done, please email us [email protected] or call us to discuss your work to be done, and fill out the request form that will be sent to you.

Lead times vary but currently we are 3-4 weeks, Custom Frame Design’s are done only Monday-Friday.

Custom Sig 1 | All Pro Guns &Amp; Ammo


What is a Gunsmith?

A Gunsmith is a person who does repairs, modifications, designs or builds guns. Which is not to be mistaken for an armorer, which is someone who usually just replaces worn out parts on your standard firearm. 

The most important responsibility of a gunsmith is to ensure that each firearm they encounter is working and operating safely according to specifications. Gunsmiths must make sure safe gun-handling procedures are followed to ensure the safety of not only themselves, but for everyone involved in the handling of that firearm. Every mechanisms of the firearm (pistol, revolver, rifle, shotguns) are inspected for safety and proper function. Anything noted to be out of place or not to spec must be fixed before any job can commence or continue.

A Gunsmith is more custom work that requires high level of craftsmanship and a unique skill set. Sometimes those equal to a machinist or even an engineer. 

Most common work of a Gunsmith is factory level repairs to your standard firearms, or renovations to a deteriorating firearm restoring it to new conditions. Making changes to the firearm to fit the individual shooter needs perhaps for comfort or competition shooting. Adding special cuts for Optics on Pistols, porting a barrel for muzzle flip and recoil management, or just simply cleaning your firearm checking for wear and tear. 

Gunsmith’s can have specializations, some of the more common ones are:

Custom builder/designer, Finisher, Stockmaker, Engraver, Pistolsmith and Manufacturer. 

Manufacturer- A gunsmith who specializes in custom designs or building of unique one off firearms according to the customer’s specs or desires.

Finisher- A gunsmith who provides some degree of finishing to the firearm, such as Parkerizing, Case Hardening, Bluing or Ceraokoting in all types of colors or designs.

Stockmaker- A gunsmith who specializes in carving rifles stock from wood either from one piece or several pieces for, rifles, shotguns or pistol grips.

Engraver- A gunsmith who is proficient in metal work who has a steady hand with a engraving system. They can engrave all types of designs onto the metal to make any wild design come to life.

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