NFA Class 3 Items

Silencer/ Suppressor

The Silent Pews

At All Pro Guns & Ammo we are a type 07 FFL and type 02 SOT. We can manufacture all firearms and NFA type items. Later this year we plan to manufacture our own lowers as well as manufacturing full firearms. 

We will also be able to bring to you custom Rifle suppressors/ silencers from 3 baffles all the way to 15 baffles, for whatever application you need or desire. We will also be partnering with Silencer Shop for all of our transfer, they will be handling NFA paperwork, partnering with them will allow you the customer, piece of mind knowing the paperwork was filled out properly. Silencer Shop has the nations lowest rate of return for NFA items. Which will allow you to receive your items faster.

Partnering with Silencer Shop will also give you access to over thousand suppressor, still cant find what your looking for on Silencer Shop or its out of stock ? Let us know we work directly with other distributors/ manufactures and have access to brands like:

Dead Air


Sig Sauer





Just to name a few of the manufactures we work closely with. If don’t see what you’re looking for. Please Contact Us so we may try and find it for you.

Shop Current Inventory

Use the link below to be directed to Silencer Shop for a view of current inventory, using the button below will default us as your closest dealer. Just pick the suppressor/ silencer of your choice and let Silencer Shop handle the forum 4.

Class 3
Short Barreled CMMG 300 Blackout with a Q Trash Panda Suppressor/ Silencer

Short Barreled Rifles/ Short Barreled Shotguns

Short But Sweet

Here at All Pro Guns & Ammo we can also offer Short Barreled Rifles or “SBR” for short along with Short Barreled Shotguns.

Some of the manufactures we currently offer are:


Daniel Defense




Sig Sauer 

Springfield Armory 

Just to name a few, if don’t see what you’re looking for. Please Contact Us so we may try and find it for you.

Custom Suppressor/ Silencers

Like we mentioned above, we can create customer Rifle silencer/ Suppressor for your needs. Ranging from 3-15 baffles and .224- .500 caliber we can get as creative as you want. We can even offer a Modular suppression system where you’ll be able to have 2 silencers for the price of one. You will be able to go from a long configuration to a short and vise versa.

We offer custom Pistol suppressor/ silencers as well ranging from 3-14 baffles and 9mm-45 caliber.

Whatever you can dream we can achieve. Use the button below to contact us for your custom suppressor/ silencer needs. 

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