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Enrique Larrañaga

Omar Enrique Larrañaga is a talented athlete from Uruguay who practices Practical Shooting, specifically IPSC. This sport runs in his family, as his parents actually met at a shooting range. His great-grandfather made him a member of the “Club Uruguayo de Tiro” at a young age and frequently took him there to shoot. Despite moving to Punta del Este, Omar continued practicing shooting and was introduced to IPSC by his father in 2011. He began competing regularly in 2016 and quickly found success, winning five stages of the Uruguayan Championship in his first year and becoming the Uruguayan Champion.

Over the years, Omar has continued to dominate in his sport. He has won multiple championships, including the Argentine National Championship and the Latin American Championship, which he considers to be his greatest achievement to date. In addition to his success in South America, Omar has also traveled abroad to compete in various tournaments, including the Pan American Championship and the American National Championship. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Omar continued to train hard and maintain his undefeated streak in tournaments within Uruguay for three years, ultimately becoming the Uruguayan Champion and National Champion again in 2022.

Some of Omar’s achievements include:

  1. Latin American Champion in 2019
  2. Uruguayan National Cahmpion 2018-2022
  3. Argentine National Champion 2018
  4. SuperSix-Ultimate IPSC Champion, Brazil 2022
  5. Peruvian National Runner-up 2022

We are glad to welcome Omar Larrañaga to All Pro Guns & Ammo as a sponsored shooter and will support him through his journey and goals.

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