Instructor Alchil Ferisme
Brief info

Alchil is an NRA Pistol Instructor he has undergone extensive training and testing to become qualified to teach individuals about pistol shooting and safety. As an NRA Pistol Instructor, he has a strong understanding of firearms and is skilled in teaching others how to safely and effectively handle and shoot pistols. He is also knowledgeable about the NRA's gun safety rules and guidelines and is committed to promoting safe and responsible firearm use. An NRA Pistol Instructor plays a crucial role in helping individuals learn about firearms and develop the skills needed to safely handle and operate a pistol.

Alchil has been in Law enforcement for over 15 years. He has served as a security officer as well as worked in executive protection. Within these 15+ years, he has had extensive training with FBI agents, the Sheriff’s Department, and Air Marshall. Within those years he started to grow a passion to teach others how to safely handle firearms. He is now an NRA instructor and is looking forward to teaching and sharing his knowledge on gun safety with all who are willing.